ORANGE COUNTY, CA — As voters are beginning to vote in the campaign to repeal California’s gas and car tax an Associated Press investigation showed the California State Transportation Agency worked with campaign consultants who are organizing the campaign against the repeal to organizing press conferences and other campaign related activities in coordination with one another. A clear violation of the law.

The Sacramento Bee has the story HERE.

In a statement, Honorary Prop. 6 Co-Chair Mimi Walters called for the dismissal of CalTRANS Director Laurie Berman and CalSTA Secretary Brian C. Annis for their agencies’ involvement. “It’s outrageous that government workers are campaigning against the interests of California taxpayers. Their interests are clearly their pensions and their salaries, not the people of our state dealing with the cost of living. Worse yet, I’m concerned that these individuals appointed by Governor Brown, are in charge of these agencies while the Governor is so vehemently against Prop. 6. It has a clear smell of corruption.”

The new development comes just weeks after Caltrans workers were caught illegally campaigning against the repeal along the highway in San Diego County.