The prior Administration’s failed foreign policies on Iran, North Korea and the war against Islamist terror emboldened the enemies of freedom and democracy and left our allies wondering what happened to the America that was the beacon of strength and liberty for the last 100 years.

 Defeating ISIS and stopping the spread of Islamist ideology must be our highest priority. The terrorist attacks in Europe and here in the U.S. cannot continue. I support an aggressive frontal approach that seeks out and destroys the terrorists where they live and an American foreign policy that puts the interests of our nation and our allies first.

I voted to increase the pay for our troops and to hold bureaucrats accountable for their mistreatment of veterans. The legislation I voted for also improves access to healthcare for our current service members, veterans, and their families and takes several necessary steps to prevent sexual assault in the military by improving the reporting process and enhancing victims’ rights.  As the daughter of a U.S. Marine, I will never waiver in my support for the men and women who defend our nation and keep us free.