Irvine, CA — Today, the Mimi Walters (CA-45) campaign has launched a new TV ad called “Randy” highlighting Walters’ work on behalf of abducted children and their parents. International parental child abduction is a serious and often overlooked crime.

In 2012 Mimi Walters, then a State Senator wrote “Keisuke’s Law”, landmark legislation to help protect children from parental abductions in California.

Watch “Randy” by clicking below:

Here is a transcription of the ad:


June 15, 2008 was the last day I saw or heard from my son.

The last time I saw my son he was 5 – he is now 15. I need to see my son again. 

When no one else would even talk to me Mimi Walters stepped up and met with me. 

We wouldn’t have ‘Keisuke’s Law’ today if it wasn’t for Mimi Walters.

Mimi Walters has been a great champion for our cause for abducted children. Mimi Walters has never stopped fighting for me to be able to see my son again.


I’m Mimi Walters and I approve this message.

Background: Keisuke Christian Collins, son of Randy Collins of Orange County, CA,  is a very smart boy who can fluently read and speak both English & Japanese. On June 13, 2008 the Superior Court of California ordered Reiko Nakata Greenberg Collins to turn over Keisuke’s passport to the court. On June 16, 2008 Keisuke was abducted by his Japanese mother, Reiko Nakata Greenberg Collins, back to Chiba, Japan. Warrants for Reiko’s arrest have been issued by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Reiko is on the FBIs 10 Most Wanted List for Parental Kidnappings and an Interpol Red Notice has been issued. Randy has been suffering every day since he lost his only son, who was born and raised in Santa Ana, California. Over 400 children have been abducted by parents and taken to Japan, which does not recognize U.S. child abduction laws.

Randy Collins speaks about Keisuke’s Law:  “In 2011, I had a thought that we needed some sort of protection to reduce the risk of our children being abducted from California. I tried my own State Assemblyman and State Senator.  I made numerous calls but neither would give me the time of day. I finally reached out to State Senator (now US Congresswoman) Mimi Walters. I met with her staff in August of 2011. I provided documentation and other ideas I had to help protect children from being abducted from our state. I left the meeting thinking nothing was going to happen. In December I received a call from Senator Walters’ office. They had drafted the bill and wanted me to review it before submitting it to the state legislature. The only thing they asked was if it was okay to name the bill after my son. I testified before the State Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees. In August 2012 Keisuke’s Law was passed unanimously in the State Senate and Assembly signed into law by the Governor of California. I know other parents from around the country are using this model to present to their own state legislatures to help protect children in their state.”